1. Eventbrite feeds

    We (finally) pulled together some feeds for local Eventbrite events. Find them on the main page. The sort order of the feeds is not fantastic, but we hope your feed reader will be able to cope.

  2. Feed-finding updates

    We have split the "Discovering feeds" page into one page for weird local feeds, and one page for finding feeds on different platforms. Also we added information about Substack, and elaborated on Youtube feeds.

  3. Library changes

    Both the WPL and the Idea Exchange in Cambridge have changed their events calendars. We have updated instructions for subscribing to their feeds, and added some auxiliary sites that the WPL and KPL use.

  4. Friends

    Although intended to be a lighthearted joke, calling our page of other calendars "frenemies" came across as more hostile than we intended. We are all friends now.

  5. Feeds are up (and goodbye Eventbrite)

    RSS feeds for Watcamp and Spectrum should now be working. In principle they update twice a day; in practice they are updated around once a week.

    Unfortunately, Eventbrite shut down the Search endpoint for its API on Dec 12, 2019, so our Eventbrite feeds are broken. We are investigating workarounds.

  6. Pre-release

    If you are seeing this you are very special! The site is not quite ready for use yet. Be patient (and follow the RSS feed) and we will post when things are up and running.