Keep Up to Date with Waterloo Region Event Feeds

There are lots of events happening in Waterloo Region! It can be tough to track of them all. This is our attempt to help.

Below are some feeds we curate. You can use an RSS or iCal reader to subscribe to them. In addition some of our listings offer email newsletters and Twitter accounts.

These feeds are refreshed twice a day, so please do not hammer the server with update requests. Set your feed reader to check no more than once an hour (and preferably once a day).

For other aggregated events lists in Waterloo Region, check out our Friends page. For some interesting but obscure feeds produced by other organizations, check out Discovering Feeds.


Eventbrite is an event management service popular in the area. We provide RSS and iCal feeds for events listed on the Things to Do in Waterloo pages, as well as a few local organizations that run virtual events. We split the feed into three parts:


WatCamp is a calendar of tech events in Waterloo Region.


Spectrum is a local LGBTQ+ community centre. It has one calendar for Spectrum-specific events and one calendar for general community events.


This is intended to be a feed that draws from a number of local Google Calendars that store events. So far it consists of:

We produce the following: