This site is a manifesto.

We are working to make this manifesto real by producing event listings you can use in a variety of ways. We want you to attend more local events, to find out about these events easily, to organize events of your own, and to publicize those events so people outside your immediate social group can attend them.

Every manifesto contains the seeds of its own heresy, and this one is no different. Nonetheless, we feel that working towards this manifesto makes Waterloo Region better, not worse.


Get in touch with us via email: feed-admins at off-topic.kwlug.org .

As of November 2019, this site is maintained by Paul Nijjar.

Colophon and Thanks

Thanks to the people of Waterloo Region for organizing so many events for us to enjoy.

Thanks to the people who are working to curate those events into calendars.

Thanks to IndieServe Networks for donating web hosting and mailing lists for this project.

Thanks to KWLUG for allowing us to chain subdomains off their domain name.

This site is created with Pelican, using a modified version of the Gum theme. The font is Krub, as downloaded from Google Fonts. The RSS Icon is from http://feedicons.com. Thanks to these projects (and many others!) for making their code available for our use.