Several other people in Waterloo Region aggregate local resources for you to enjoy. Here are the ones we know about. If you know of others please tell us.

(RIP WRBlogs)

Automated aggregators

There are many aggregation sites listed on, but here are a few that are worth singling out:

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There are so many event calendars that ought to exist in this region:

If you are passionate about a series of events where you live, you should totally set up a calendar and publish feeds for it. The biggest bottleneck is people: it takes a few hours a week to maintain a calendar. However, once a calendar exists many others can benefit.

If you would like to generate feeds for events in your area/interest, you can find the scripts we use on Github:

If you would like some help figuring out how to use these scripts, get in touch.

If you have used these scripts (or other tools) to make event listings with consumable feeds, let us know! We are expecially interested in other listings for Waterloo Region.